What We Learned From the 2021 Tableau for CRM Partner Summit

This post originally appeared on the Atrium blog. Authored by Dustin Weaver

The Tableau for CRM Partner Summit was February 9–10th — a two-day summit that focused on upcoming releases for Tableau CRM and highlighted the roadmap as well. As a Salesforce partner, the Atrium team uses this summit to help our consultants stay up to date on the future of Tableau CRM. We apply this knowledge to what we know of our customers’ needs and roadmaps to help build better systems of intelligence for them. Here is a roundup of some key highlights from the event.

Tyler Pollard on Tooltips

Katie Toyoshima on Components

Gabbi Forsythe on Data Prep

Data Prep will allow for the ability to annotate nodes, as well as providing improved data preview options, adding clarity and insight into the data preparation process. Additionally, the ability to upgrade dataflows to the next-generation Data Prep will ease adoption for customers currently using dataflows.


A Focus on Enabling Data Agility

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