Professional Services, Elevated… and the Business Benefits of a Long-Term Approach

Business Leaders are Now IT Buyers

Data Science Projects are Different

Data Science Projects Require These New (and Difficult-to-Find) Skills

  • Data engineering: There is a significant amount of effort required to extract and manipulate data to prepare it for easy analysis by a data scientist. Having this skill on your team is much more efficient.
  • Analytics/visualization: The output of a predictive model is often difficult for a person to interpret without help. What does a score of 0.8 mean in a model that predicts customer attrition risk? Is that good or bad? Resources with good analytics and visualization skills can take these outputs and transform them into actionable insights.
  • Business analysis: Your team must also be able to understand what’s going on in your business. Without this insight, these projects often turn into “science experiments” — models or dashboards that have very little tangible business value or impact.
  • Platform configuration/customization: You’ll also need to have resources that can make necessary changes to the underlying platform to gather more or better data, or to display the right information in the right places to allow your users to take action.

How Can Elevate Help?

  1. Continuity. Our Elevate teams are organized into “pods”; each pod contains all of the skill sets required to support our customers: business analysis, data science and analytics, platform skills, and quality assurance. Each pod then supports a subset of our customers, which allows our teams to become deeply familiar with each of the environments they support. This allows us to work efficiently and provides our customers access to a dedicated team.
  2. Flexibility. The pod structure also allows us to be flexible with work demands. If one customer needs more data science and less analytics in a particular release, we can simply redistribute work to different members of the pod.
  3. Innovation. Our flexible approach to work enables innovation for our customers. We’re able to work on what’s most important and impactful to our customers at any given time. Our engagement leads work with our customers throughout the engagement to identify and prioritize the efforts and resources needed to deliver against our customer’s highest priorities.

Let Us Solve Your AI and Analytics Adoption Challenges




As the market leader in intelligent solutions, we help organizations make smarter decisions and act on them. Learn more at

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As the market leader in intelligent solutions, we help organizations make smarter decisions and act on them. Learn more at

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