On-Demand Webinar: Improving Predictability, Win Rate, and Accountability With Intelligent Systems and Forecasting.

This post originally appeared on the Atrium website.

Sixty-nine percent of all B2B companies, regardless of size, consider their forecasting efforts to be ineffective (according to Forbes). Whether you’re struggling with manually intensive, outdated, or surprising forecasting capabilities, you’re not alone. In this webinar, our leaders walk through the data-driven forecast maturity curve, pair forecasting insights with action, and show you how to empower teams with Salesforce.com and Tableau CRM.

You’ll walk away with actionable ideas around improving the adoption of Salesforce, establishing a data-driven culture, improving forecast visibility and conversion rate, and more.

Learn to make decisions faster, make employees more productive, and make customers happier with intelligent systems and forecasting. Download our whitepaper on maximizing the value of forecasting.

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